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Nazareth factory participates in toursists national gallery i.m.t.m :

Nazareth factory participates in toursists national gallery  i.m.t.m :


The gallery held by ‘ortra’ company , manyintrested sides in tourism , trading from different countries such as , china , tuny , italy , spain and others . took part in it , nazareth’s factory  resented the city of Nazareth in the gallery in association with Nazareth’s tourists organization , the work was presented  by small kiosk . Nazareth factory showed an outstanding work with it’s product’s  halva, tahini,  Nazareth delight  (lokum ) , halva spread , natural oil .  the gallery talked about the historical value of Nazareth , the manager of the factory ali amin Nasser talked about the importance of talking part in the gallery , he indicated that the intention of the company is to be one of the most popular food companies , that present oriental food with high quality , and good taste in the local , specially that’s Nazareth halva and industry is considered a traditional , national manufactory , and used from the beginning of  the halva industry , Nazareth factory is considered one of the most important tourist  spot to visit the factory and see the industry of the halva and sesame.