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About us : 


Nazareth factory established as a private family , before more than 40 years . back then it was called ‘ Nazareth’s halva” . from the beginning what was  special about the project is it’s  high quality and a good taste , which were made by secret recipe , and that’s what made the product of the   factory more well-known .  the factory works today  with abundant experience , and high technological machines that suits modern industry , by which many kinds of product in many  flavors  are industrialized . the  previous period was described as  traditional and primitive , camels were used for rotating the stones in order to grind beads of sesame to prepare the paste’ thal well-known today as tahini .  by adding sugar to tahini , the made the halva . it was formed in delicious eastern dish . it became popular among consumers as halva 

In 1980 , the family project turned into  a business factory . Modern machines were used which changed its products whence it’s popularity all over the country , what specializes the products of Nazareth factory is  that it’s 100% natural , it doesn’t include dendritically modified food , in addition h quality  , good taste and competitive prices, we also started producing  a Nazareth delight (lokum ) candy , almond candy , which were usually produced in Palestinian  city  such as “ nabluss, Jerusalem, and others…. These products were used on Arabian culture  specially in celebrations , and popular events, we lso produced  a vegetable oils , such as : sesame oil , walnut oil , almond oil  and nigella oil .

In 2009 after the city of Nazareth got into Guinness encyclopedia for records which  was presented by Nazareth factory l.t.d   , many crowd celebrated the biggest  halva template ‘ it’s weight was 3.811 ton  and length 206 meters . the presentation was at Marie’s Eye  till the Main street , with the presence of official people , media , and many people , for this historical event , that earned the trust of judges.

After the ceremony a management team with experience in different  fields , specially management , planning , manufactory , and making a strategically plan , which is being applied in modern management scientifically way’s , in order to develop new products coincide with our  era . And also so Nazareth’s factory will become one of the   well-known  and international companies .