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the reason for the name " nazareth halva "

Nazareth factory established as a private family , before more than 40

years . back then it was called u2018 Nazarethu2019s halvau201d . from the beginning

what was special about the project is itu2019s high quality and a good taste ,

which were made by secret recipe , and thatu2019s what made the product of

the factory more well-known . the factory works today with abundant

experience , and high technological machines that suits modern industry,

by which many kinds of product in many flavors are industrialized

Nazareth factory established as a private family , before more than 40 years . back then it was called ‘ Nazareth’s halva” . from the beginning what was  special about the project is it’s  high quality and a good taste , which were made by secret recipe , and that’s what made the product of the   factory more well-known .  the factory works today  with abundant experience , and high technological machines that suits modern industry , by which many kinds of product in many  flavors  are industrialized . the  previous period was described as  traditional and primitive , camels were used for rotating the stones in order to grind beads of sesame to prepare the paste’ thal well-known today as tahini .  by adding sugar to tahini , the made the halva . it was formed in delicious eastern dish . it became popular among consumers as halva 

In 1980 , the family project turned into  a business factory . Modern machines were used which changed its products whence it’s popularity all over the country , what specializes the products of Nazareth factory is  that it’s 100% natural , it doesn’t include dendritically modified food , in addition h quality  , good taste and competitive prices, we also started producing  a Nazareth delight (lokum ) candy , almond candy , which were usually produced in Palestinian  city  such as “ nabluss, Jerusalem, and others…. These products were used on Arabian culture  specially in celebrations , and popular events, we lso produced  a vegetable oils , such as : sesame oil , walnut oil , almond oil  and nigella oil .

In 2009 after the city of Nazareth got into Guinness encyclopedia for records which  was presented by Nazareth factory l.t.d   , many crowd celebrated the biggest  halva template ‘ it’s weight was 3.811 ton  and length 206 meters . the presentation was at Marie’s Eye  till the Main street , with the presence of official people , media , and many people , for this historical event , that earned the trust of judges.

After the ceremony a management team with experience in different  fields , specially management , planning , manufactory , and making a strategically plan , which is being applied in modern management scientifically way’s , in order to develop new products coincide with our  era . And also so Nazareth’s factory will become one of the   well-known  and international companies .


The idea  behind making sweetness template and Guinness encyclopedia

The dream of making the historical template was the interest of manager of the factory : Mr.Ali Amin Ali Nasser . He planned a business plan for making the biggest and first sweetness template in the world in 2000 . on order to get into Guinness encyclopedia . after  coordinating  with their agent , many circumstances for bitted executing it , the most important one was the visit of the pope . it was an international and important  event . that made the manager  to  postpone the idea for appropriate social and economical timing , so it will be a success . 

THE celebration :

In august 15,2009 , the city of  Nazareth attracted more than   20 thousand citizens 
Who participated in presenting the biggest  halva temple , which signed Nazareth  into  Guinness  encyclopedia  for 2009 , the mayor , members of municipality , MK DR.AFO AEGHPARIA  , the manager of Israeli standards institute  DORON TAMIR , masses and media from different Arabian and Jewish and Europe countries ,all of the above participated in this historical event , which got the trust of judges from different countries .

At the beginning of the ceremony there were a few welcoming words which praised this historical achievement for Nazareth. This is a ceremonial day that raises  pride , happiness and sublimation , when people gather to celebrate this international event , which added another international post for the importance of the city and it’s unlimited boundaries thanks to the entry of the template , the biggest halva template in the world  into Guinness encyclopedia . there is more than one effect for this event :  first of all preparing halva is an national industry , and getting into Guinness encyclopedia through national  and traditional industry for first time in this city is a great achievement .

This initiative received lots of praises  and encouragement from the citizens of Nazareth and from other countries . the template  weight 3811 k”g  of  halva , it’s length was 206 meters , its width was 46 centimeters ,  and it’s thickness was 3.5 centimeters . it took 24 hours to make it and more than 40 workers that worked  to designing and preparing the halva template .the presentation  was at marie’s  Eye-virgin and continued to the Main street  . A  representative jury of Guinness encyclopedia participated in event in addition to the mayor and judges . they all were involved in each all the preparation levels of  the template : weight , width , size continuing with it’s presentation in this special ceremony . it’s mentioned that until that day , Greece kept for the higher record for halva template , it’s length was 170 meter ‘ and it’s weight  1.3 tons .


Clear path toward the future

In Nazareth factory we are proud in our legacy, and in what we have started in the fifties, what stimulates us to start on our success journey is what we are looking forward for bright future with our special business team, beside crews of workers with high efficiency   .   They all work together for toward one vision – to be the common food company that presents oriental food products, special in taste, and high quality for people internationally.

One of our main intent    is to maintain our consumers and clients loyalty.   We made sure to keep it constantly presenting food products in high quality, in the newest ideas with the best and primitives materials, for producing products that matches tastes and demands of clients and consumers .

It’s our pleasure o de our best to provide our products with their special flavor, and special quality    no only in the middle east , but also around the world , through a network of distributors for our products .

We hope that the cite will be useful including helpful information that interest you
Whether you one of our investigators, clients, consumer, or a visitor to our   cite.


Ali amin Nasser
Email  :

Our vision :

To be  one of the most an leading  companies in Arabian community , which present oriental food special in it’s flavor and high quality locally and global level .

Our mission :

we work together and with all the skill, to offer high-quality food products through the creative industries through factory staff and the efforts of our employees, who represent the highest levels of excellence, investigators continued growth.

Our values :

Stabilization and responsibility :

We give our staff the powers and authorities to serve our clients and consumers preferable. Also we are responsible in front of our manager . we appreciate the outstanding performance of our staff .

Credibility :

Wee keep our loyalty through our obligation to our customers. And with our good ethics and morals in cooperation  with each other and with others .

Excellence :

we strive to meet for excellence in every think we do , by doing our  work in the right way through our declared values .


we seek for new ideas to develop our product and business .

respect :

We respect and attention   of all our clients and consumers alike. And  through the trusting  and  respecting  for each other .

Teamwork :

We work together, to achieve  the unite , through cooperation , exchanging information and experience , each one of achieves personal success when we succeed as a team .


Nazreth factory always seek to achieve uniqueness in business field of producing and trading food , the company kept a specific system to manage the food’s safety based on these foundation and policies :

Administrative and institutional excellence :

Nazareth factory will maintain administrative and institutional excellence , through clear vision and intention addition efforts of innovative creative for their employees.

The satisfaction of our clients :

Nazareth factory will devote it’s efforts for accomplishing the satisfaction of it’s clients through applying the high standard of the food’s quality and safety and through keeping our standards .

Keeping the development :

Nazareth factory will realy on developing the management , staff, for achieving it’s goals to respond to the changes and  ambition .

Standards :

Nazareth factory guarantees that it’s products and materials used are according to the local and national standards , specially that we have an engineer foodstuff to examine product’s quality before it gets to the consumer .


The products of Nazareth factory suites and meet the needs of all ages and all statuses (socially and economically)


We are wide spread , you could find our products in every shop , mall , super market , center ……. You could find them in every city. 


 All of our products are priced based on providing high quality , Nazareth factory presents it’s products in an acceptable price as much as possible .


Nazareth halva and tahini are made of sesame 100% pure . there aren’t any extra ingredients that added .


We have different kind of halva that are made by different materials which are cooked in the same normal traditional way .

The gallery held by ‘ortra’ company , many intrested sides in tourism , trading from different countries such as , china , tuny , italy , spain and others . took part in it , nazareth’s factory  resented the city of Nazareth in the gallery in association with Nazareth’s tourists organization , the work was presented  by small kiosk . Nazareth factory showed an outstanding work with it’s product’s  halva, tahini,  Nazareth delight  (lokum ) , halva spread , natural oil .  the gallery talked about the historical value of Nazareth , the manager of the factory ali amin Nasser talked about the importance of talking part in the gallery , he indicated that the intention of the company is to be one of the most popular food companies , that present oriental food with high quality , and good taste in the local , specially that’s Nazareth halva and industry is considered a traditional , national manufactory , and used from the beginning of  the halva industry , Nazareth factory is considered one of the most important tourist  spot to visit the factory and see the industry of the halva and sesame.


His Parents of Ali Nasser, the manager of the factory, were producing candy and his uncle knew the secret recipe of producing Halva. Based on the experience that his family gained during years of producing sweets and candies, Ali Amin Nasser founded the first Halva and tehina factory in Nazareth and today he is the owner of the most modern and highest quality Halva and tehina factory in Israel.

Nazareth Halva is its brand and its spread all over the country and is being marketed worldwide.  In addition, the factory has invented a new product of Halva which is named curly Halva, moreover this new fascinating product has unique flavor which became rapidly high consumed as well.

The terrific flavor of the Halva and the tehina, and the excellent service the company offers are result of the high quality and natural gross materials used and  the well maintained production lines and high accuracy of all the processes and employees. Our company produces Halva products from the best sesame seeds in the world.

The alignment of quality control includes food technologist that examines every production line according to the international guidelines.

Nazareth factory is the leading company in the market and it is mostly known of producing Halva from net natural materials, out of preservatives and out of Trans fats. We markets our products in the institutional market and the private market in addition to the natural shops worldwide (USA, South Africa, Canada, Sweden, etc.)

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